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    Tips and Tricks from the Pros

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Golf Lessons

Tips and Tricks from the Pros


Steve Benzin

Golf Instruction & Coaching


(818) 926-8443


My teaching is centered around the basic motion that each individual will make by instinct.



Half Hour Pricing


1 Lesson:        Adult    $  40
                       Junior   $  35


3 Lessons:      Adult    $110
                       Junior   $100

5 Lessons:      Adult    $175
                       Junior   $150


One Hour Pricing


1 Lesson:        Adult    $  75
                       Junior   $  65


3 Lessons:      Adult    $200
                       Junior   $170

5 Lessons:      Adult    $300
                       Junior   $250


• Add $50 for Flight Scope Instruction

• Ask about Playing Lessons
• Semi-Private and Group Lessons available

   – ask for pricing.
• Fittings are $85 per category, $225 for a full fitting.


Good fundamentals make the game

easier to learn and improve.

• Read “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle.
• Golf doesn’t so much build character as reveal it.
• Learn the rules and practice good etiquette, people will want to play with you.
• If you can make a putt, why ask to have it given to you?

• Play to have fun! The better I play the more fun I have.

• When asked at Augusta how he four putted a hole, Seve Ballesteros responded “I miss, I miss, I miss, I make”

• Own your swing, don’t rent it.

How I Teach

Posture and alignment are the first things to be addressed to build a golf swing. Without a good base, any movement will be a series of compensations. I work with fundamental, biomechanically sound motions that fit the natural movement of each individual. I believe the golf swing to be a natural movement and one that adapts readily to how our bodies are meant to function. Extra care and time is taken to make sure that each individuals’ abilities and challenges are addressed. All golfers are not alike, and I don’t believe there is only one way to swing a golf club. My teaching is centered around the basic motion that each individual will make by instinct. After we have found good fundamentals we then customize learning to each student.


There is no instant pudding in golf —

it takes practice.

• There are two rhythms to golf, the waltz of the full swing and the fluid one two of the short game.
• A good golf swing should never cause injury.
• If your golf swing feels like a lot of physical effort it isn’t efficient.
• Practice does not make perfect— practice makes permanent.
• Always practice to a target — golf is a target game.
• A good golfer is not measured by great shots, rather the quality of the misses.
• The object of golf at its simplest is forward and in the hole in the fewest number of strokes.
• Don’t try shots that you can’t hit well 70% of the time or more depending on your ability level.

• Start with or get clubs that fit you. This should include head design, lie angle, grip size, shaft flex, length, and weight at a minimum. It will make the game less frustrating.
• Don’t wear bifocals to play golf, it sticks your chin in your chest and limits your shoulder turn.

• Swing the triangle that starts in front of your chest to a full trophy finish.
• A good golf swing is built from the ground up—not the top down!
• Where ever the face of the club is aimed at impact, that is where the ball is starting.
• The direction the face of the club is aimed has more to do with direction that swing path.
• Something new isn’t wrong, just different.
• When learning don’t label things with I can’t do that, or it feels weird. Why limit yourself from getting better?

• Practice with a purpose.