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Just as in other stick-and-ball sports — tennis, baseball or hockey — there are many options for the length, weight and handle size that can lead to superior performance. Golf is no different. Click on the FORE Magazine cover to find out why in the article written by Bill Kelly, our very own Certified Master of Golf Club Technology.

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Or We Can Improve Your Existing Clubs

A quick fix can often be made with counterweighting or optimization using counterweights and movable counterweights. Further refinements to your clubs can be made through fitting sessions with our Flightscope launch monitor which will help define length, weight, grip and shaft changes needed to optimize your move into impact.



Length Changes

Swing Weighting

Counterweighting & Optimization

Shaft Puring

Loft/Lie Changes

And Improve Your Swing


FlightScope Swing Tracking


FlightScope Data will show everything the ball does after launch, and everything the Golf-Club did when it struck the ball

We Help you to Perfect your Game!

FlightScope measures critical club/swing/ball data that the eye can not possibly see or measure to us get you the best distance, dispersion and consistency that will lower your scores and beat your friends.


Put It All Together


Expert Golf Lessons

Learn from Bob E. Smith a PGA of America Member for 38 years who was Ventura College coach for 10 years and received the award as Southern California PGA Teacher of the Year (Northern Chapter) in 2016. He will help you to perfect your posture and alignment, which are the first things to be addressed to build a golf swing. Without a good base, any movement will be a series of compensations. He works with fundamental, biomechanically sound motions that fit the natural movement of each individual, and believes the golf swing to be a natural movement and one that adapts readily to how our bodies are meant to function. Extra care and time is taken to make sure that each individuals’ abilities and challenges are addressed. He believes that all golfers are not alike and there is not only one way to swing a golf club. Lessons are centered on the basic motion that each individual will make by instinct. After finding good fundamentals learning is customized to each student.


Bill Kelly, to become a better golf club fitter, attended USGTF training in 2004 and was certified as a Golf Teaching Professional. His beliefs about the golf swing outlined above are essentially the same. Although Bills focus is on fitting from time to time he puts on his teacher hat when needed.


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“They have an amazing ability to match my clubs to my level of skill”

Bob and Bill have worked on my clubs over the years as my game has progressed. They have an amazing ability to match my clubs to my level of skill. Their work has made learning and playing much more pleasurable for me.

— Tom Boyer

“It has been the best thing I have ever done for my golf game, bar none”

The clubs have been just great. They feel good and look good and I really think going back to steel shafts has been kinder to my hands and game. And changing the lofts on my driver, fairway metal-wood and my hybrid has made a tremendous difference in my ability to hit more solid shots. The launch angles have really improved my distance and game.  Thanks again for all of your time and assistance and I love my clubs. It has been the best thing I have ever done for my golf game, bar none.

— Roy Nakai

“Lo and behold my golf woes were cured. Coincidence? I don’t think so.”

Confession: I have a garage full of dusty golf clubs, none of which have ever worked for me. Out of frustration, I got a personal club fitting from Bill and Bob. Lo and behold my golf woes were cured. Coincidence? I don’t think so..

— Barry Morrow

“Thanks to Bill’s fitting skills, I’m enjoying this great game more than ever”

Bill Kelly at Pro-fit in Carpinteria is the consummate patient professional. He was extremely thorough over 3 fitting sessions. The technologies he uses are second to none and he explained everything to me in layman’s terms that I could understand. He fitted some beautiful Mizuno irons (with the most important component) proper shafts. The Wishon driver he fitted for me is almost like cheating. I can find the fairway with great trajectory and distance almost every time. Now if only he can fit me with a 1-putt Putter! Thanks to Bill’s fitting skills, I’m enjoying this great game more than ever.

Stephen W. Grant


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