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It’s amazing what you can get for free these days, and to prove it I’ve provided 48 great examples below, including short descriptions and website links. Tell them Arnold Shwartzenegger sent you 😉


Free Sales Tools

Free Conference Calling

Facilitates telephone-based conference calls with up to 1,000 participants providing a lot of great features.

Free Corporate Video Maker

A collection of hundreds professionally produced videos that you can customize for your company.

Free Video

Video and photo sharing within, any other website or Email, with custom privacy settings.

Free PC-to-Mobile Text Messaging

A free and easy way to send text messages from your PC browser, to any mobile phone or tablet in the world.

Free Video Conferencing

Group video conferences, simple screensharing & text-based chat, with no registration or downloads needed.

Free Cartoon Video Maker

A collection of hundreds of animated and cartoon videos that you can customize for your company.

Free Slideshow

Generates web-ready presentations from PowerPoint files, with impressive features and custom privacy settings.

Free Sales Leads

Get a free sample of 150 sales leads, pulled from over 29 billion records in 100 demographic categories.


Free Software

Free Office Software

A strong competitor to Microsoft Office 365, with 7 office apps and cloud-based document sharing, all totally free!

Free Photo Organizer

A user-friendly graphic files manager for viewing, organizing & editing all major photo and graphic formats.

Free Remote Desktop

Facilitates secure access to a PC from another PC or mobile device, with amazing team collaboration features.

Free Email Client

A simple & powerful Email client with all the modern features, including calendar, tasks, contacts, and chat.

Free Video Player

The top video player in the world, supporting all the major video file formats with super-advanced features.

Free Photo Editor

A strong competitor to Adobe Photoshop, with advanced tools for graphic artists and illustrators, totally free!

Free Vector/CAD App

A strong competitor to Adobe Illustrator, with advanced tools for creating/editing vector and CAD graphics.

Free Tech Support

A network of volunteer technicians who provide personalized computer support, tips and info, totally free!


Free Education & Motivation

Tuition-Free University Degrees

An Accredited Online University that offers a variety of Degree Programs, all tuition free!


Thousands of free Ebooks, including fiction, non-fiction, romance, business, and more!

Free Wellness Education

Offers a wide variety of free online courses on Nutrition & Wellness, in addition to other subjects.

Free Personality Profiles

Offers a free Personality Test and associated Report about you, and why you do things the way you do.

Free University Courses

Offers over 1,300 Free Online Courses from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, Oxford, and more!

Free Documentary Films

Streams a wide variety of full-length documentary films, all free of charge, with no registration required.

Personal Trainer

Serves as your personal trainer, nutritionist, and strength coach, providing customized programs just for you.

Free Motivational Seminars

Streams videos of speaker conferences addressing topics from science, to business, to global issues.


Free Business Services

Free Personal Finance Manager

A powerful tool for managing all your personal finances, bills, credit scores, and investments, totally free!

Free Business & Marketing Plans

Over 600 sample business and marketing plans for free, along with free education on how to customize them.

Free Business Startup Education

5-day events that include free seminars, workshops & networking for startup entrepreneurs and investors.

Free Help Wanted Listings

one of the most popular Job Posting Websites in the world & offers a complete set of hiring tools for free.

Free Legal

LegalZoom’s Knowledge Center provides very useful legal education for both business and personal concerns, totally free!

Free Business Consulting

10,000 volunteers in 300 chapters providing free business mentoring and education to small business owners.

Free Small Business Expos

1-day events that include seminars, exhibits & events that help small business owners to succeed.

Free Vanity Email Addresses

Offers free Email service with over 200 cool domain extensions like etc.


Free IT Security

PC Security

All-in-one PC optimization utility that speeds up your PC by protecting it from internal errors and outside threats.

Android Security

Provides Free Antivirus for Android that protects your phone and everything on it from online threats and theft.

Free Password Manager

Securely stores all your passwords in an “online vault” that allows one-click logins to all your online accounts.

Free Anti-Tracking Web Search

One of the top search engines in the world, and the only one that doesn’t track you or your searches.

Mac Security

Delivers first-rate protection from all Mac related threats, and prevents you from passing on PC viruses as well.

iPhone Security

Provides Free Antivirus for iOS that protects your phone and everything on it from online threats and theft.

Free Anti-Tracking Plugin

A browser extension that helps you manage website trackers for a cleaner, faster, safer online experience.

Free Anonymous IP Masking

Free software and network for defending against network surveillance and protecting your online privacy.


Free Political Research

Free Political Candidate Research

Provides free, factual, and unbiased information on candidates and elected officials, including their voting records .

Free Government Information

Makes public records from federal and state governments readily available for public review and scrutiny.

Free Global Intelligence Research

Provides demographic, economic, political, military & geographic information about 267 world entities.

Free Scientific Journals

Provides peer reviewed, Open Access Journals from over 1000+ Scientific associations in various Fields.

Free Political Fact Checking

A Pulitzer Prize winning resource that applies its “Truth-O-Meter” to politician and media rhetoric.

Free Federal Legislation Research

Makes United State Congressional legislation and bills readily available for public review and scrutiny.

Free Economic Calculators

Computes the relative value of a US Dollar from 1774 to Present, using seven different indicators.

Internet Freedom Advocates

Works to ensure that the web continues to hold freedom of expression and creativity at its core.

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